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ODEON Cinema - an exercise in KISS principles

I’m fully capable of booking tickets online, but when my friend asked me to book tickets for a film in central London, I failed and we ended up going to dinner instead. The online booking process was that confusing! I came close to buying tickets for Leicester, 89 miles north of London, instead of Leicester Square. Improving online booking is good for cinemas, good for my friend and me, and good for the film industry. 

This was an exercise in improving my UX problem-solving skills and keeping the job of buying tickets as simple as possible (I did feel stupid when I told my friend I couldn't figure out how). I went through the user-flows of buying tickets and signing up to My Odeon. I annotated areas that can be imporved below:

Odeon Leicester Square annotated screenOdeon Leicester Square annotated screen

Home Page Simplification

Thinking about the job to be done of a cinema website, I made the following changes:

  • removed the massive header bar of advertising (which meant a user had to scroll down a whole page before seeing any movies showing);
  • showcase the films screening at Odeon;
  • removed the confusion between My Odeon, Sign Up, Log In, Limitless AND Offers and Promotions tabs;
  • limited the tab headers to search bar, cinemas, films, the functional easy-book button, and the sign-in/join icon;
  • reduced the 'clutter' of advertising to the top header bar and the right-hand-side.



Low Fidelity Wireframes

From the paper wireframes, I used Sketch to outline easy to use website naviation at low-fidelity, annotated below. 

Desktop HD annotatedDesktop HD annotated

Losing Leicester Square

I typed ‘Leicester’ in from the Odeon home page drop down bar and this screen came up - hence why I almost booked an out-of-town experience. Even typing 'Leicester Square' didn't bring up the right cinema. 

Locations annotationsLocations annotations

Listing Cinema Locations

I changed the location listings to one that was visible at one glance and with alphabetical listings to make it easier for newcomers. I tested the alphabetical list and it was easier, but another option would be listing locations alphabetically under country or region.

Odeon Home Page - Cinema location listingsOdeon Home Page - Cinema location listings

Popcorn, lemonade & chocolates

Keeping in mind the KISS principle (keep it simple, stupid!), I added a way to select and purchase cinema treats that can be picked up on proof of payment at the cinema with a barcode. Then, cinema-goers don't need to stand in a payment line and Odeon can make a go at selling more popcorn. The steps are designed to reduce the overall cognitive load of the whole cinema experience. 

User Flow - picking a time, tickets, payment

I reduced the number of screens it would take to order tickets from nine to five. It meant simplifying the home page, the sign up process, The wireframes are shown below. 

Odeon Leicester Wonder Woman bubbleOdeon Leicester Wonder Woman bubble

Next Steps

  • Improve the functioning of the Odeon website so that if a user searches for a location, they are taken there and can see what films are showing;
  • If a user searches for a film in the drop-down tab at a specific cinema, e.g. Leicester Square, indicate whether that film is showing there rather than taking the user to a page dedicated to the film;
  • Add a drop-down option for the Sign in / Join icon for the same page.