Fixture Sports

UX Design Case Study

Content, User Flows, Sign Up, Affordances, Web Design

Fixture Travel is a start-up I worked with to clarify content, re-format the design of the daily blog entries, refine the user-flow from the home-page to sign-up page and reduce the cognitive load on website users. The company's goal is to provide advice to sports fans when organising their travels. 

Screen Annotations

A selection of my annotated screenshots going through the user flows of the website.

Annotated screensAnnotated screens


From making notes on problems I encountered, I sketched wireframes with pen and paper. The main points are annotated below. 

Annotated WireframeAnnotated Wireframe


I started working on the website almost at the same time as it was launched. I focused on the user goals and needs, sketching a quadrant and mainly utilising the jobs-to-be-done methodology. The deliverable to the Fixture Travel team was a set of black and white wireframes completed in Sketch, with some rewritten content, visual design suggestions and improvements on the UI. 

  • jobs to be done
  • wire-framing
  • user testing of content

Home Page

  • Aligned all website elements with each other
  • Clarified content to describe Fixture Travel's services more succinctly
  • Re-grouped and re-wrote 'What We Provide' services to be seen on one screen
  • Included call-to-action buttons throughout the page
  • Recommend a sticky navigation bar or a scroll to top function
  • Reduced scrolling time by reducing unnecessary white space, font size, and re-ordering elements
  • Removed the 'Home' tab in the header bar


Sign Up

  • Explain that will happen when a user signs up for Fixture Travel services
  • Increased the size of the tick boxes
  • Reduced size of call-to-action button to improve affordance

Blog Entry

  • Gave headings to the daily blog
  • Formatted the blog entry with highlighted sports and events
  • Included search bar 
  • Reduced image size for reduced scrolling time
  • Added a call-to-action button with a suggestion of Fixture Travel's services


I made additional recommendations to the Fixture Travel founders:

  • Include an example itinerary of how Fixture Travel helped a user have a trip
  • Include blog entries describing user's trips
  • Have a calendar layout on the calendar page with examples of sports running that month, and where they are